Recording studio

Control Room A features a Digidesign D-Command control surface fully synchronised to Pro Tools HD V.10, Apogee conversion, Focusrite and Avalon Pre Amps and a range of outboard compression and EQ. The studio also features DynAudio Acoustics monitoring, including a 5.1 system.

This control room can simultaneously record up to 88 channels of audio at 44.1kHz to 96kHz. During tracking, the system can also accommodate 10 entirely individual headphone sends that can be sent to up to 36 musicians.


5 x Dynaudio Air 20's
2 x Dynaudio Bm15a's
2 x Dynaudio M3A's


1 x GML 8304
3 x dbx 786
2 x Avalon 737's
2 x Focusrite Red 8's
1 x Grace Designs M802
3 x Digi PRE 8's
2 x Mackie Onyx 800r's


TC Electronic System 6000


2 x dbx 165's


Mac Pro
2 x Quad Core
12gb RAM
Protools 10 HD x 3 cards


3 x 192's
4 x Apogee Rosetta 800's
1 x Big Ben

Control Room B, situated adjacent to the studio floor features a 24-channel TL Audio VTC analogue mixing console, Focusrite Converters, Pro Tools V.11 plus a range of outboard compression and multi-FX processors.

The VTC (Valve Technology Console) is a fully modular in-line multitrack mixer that offers all the benefits of the compact 8 buss / multiple tape output format but with the supreme advantage of TL Audio's critically acclaimed valve circuitry - which forms an integral part of the channel, monitor, group and master section signal paths.

Control room B can record 24 tracks simultaneously to either Protools 11 or ADAT tape. The VTC consol can also return two individual headphones sends to up to 16 musicians.


2 x Dynaudio Air 15's
2 x Yamaha HS80m's


TLAudio 24 Channel VTC


1 x Yamaha Rev 5
1 x Yamaha Rev 500


Behringer MDX1600


Mac Pro 2013
3 x Dual Core
24gb RAM
Protools 11 Native


2 x Focusrite Saffire 56's
2 x Focusrite Octopre mkII

The studio floor has high ceilings and can be accessed via both control room a and b. it houses a 7 foot yamaha grand piano, a nord stage 88, kurtzweil, yamah se90.


1 x Yamaha C7

Drum Kits

1 x Sonor S Series


1 x Fender Rhodes 88
1 x Yamaha Se90
1 x Nord Stage 88
1 x Kurtzweil PC3

Guitar Amps

1 x Mesa/Boogie Roadster

Headphones System

1 x QMix
4 x Behringer HA8000
24 x AKG Headphone
6 x Beyer DT770's
2 x AKG 271 mkII's


1 x Neumann M149
2 x Neumann M269c
4 x Neumann U87
2 x Neumann U77
6 x Neumann TLM 170
8 x Neumann KM184

8 x AKG 414
6 x AKG C391b
3 x AKG 460

2 x Rode NT5
2 x Rode NT55
1 x Rode NT3
1 x Rode NT1A

3 x Audio Technica AT2020
2 x Audio Technica AT2050

6 x Schoeps CMC6

2 x B&K


1 x AKG D112

6 x Shure SM57

2 x Electro-Voice RE20

4 x Sennheiser MD421

1 x Beyer M88


1 x Royer SF24


Supported by ACT Government

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