Performance development allowance

A key element of advanced training in music performance is the individual one-to-one mentoring of a student by a teacher

Students who are majoring in performance at the ANU School of Music have access to a performance major of unparalleled flexibility and generosity. Through the Performance Development Allowance, students are able to tailor a program of practical instruction best suited to their individual needs and goals.

Selection of student and teacher

Students undertaking a unit in performance will nominate their preferred teacher from the list of approved Performance Teaching Fellows. Students may engage a teacher who is not already listed with approval of the Performance Convenor. Teachers who would like to apply to become a Performance Teaching Fellow are referred to the information and application process available on the Apply to teach page.

Applying and submitting choice of teacher

Once enrolled in a performance unit, students will be provided access to information about the PDA including terms of use, the application form, application and payment deadlines and the acquittal process by way of the School of Music Performance Handbook (accessed through Wattle). Students should negotiate directly with the Performance Teaching Fellows about their plan for the semester prior to submitting their application.

Approvals and notification (students)

Once a student is correctly enrolled, updated their band details on ISIS, and their PDA activity has been approved, funds will be disbursed directly to students. Teachers should provide their students with an invoice including the terms of payment, and students will pay them directly. There is no contractual agreement required between Performance Teaching Fellows and ANU. New PDA approval (above) must be formally confirmed each semester.

What is the Performance Development Allowance?

The Performance Development Allowance (PDA) is an allowance of $1,421 per semester provided for each undergraduate student undertaking a performance unit. This allowance can be used to support one-on-one lessons with a teacher, or a range of other approved activites with performance and educational outcomes.

Honours and Postgraduate students majoring in Performance receive $2,131 PDA per semester. 

Am I eligible to receive one-to-one performance tuition?

Students enrolled in Music Performance 1 to 6 have the option, subject to entry by audition, to take one-to-one tuition supported through the PDA. 

Who can I study with?

A list of Performance Teaching Fellows approved to provide one-to-one instrumental or vocal lessons through the PDA system, is available in the above tabs. This list is regularly updated with biographies and contact details. To nominate a teacher who is not already listed, students should contact the School.

Can I stay with my current teacher?

Yes, if your current teacher is already an approved Performance Teaching Fellow. If not, you should contact the School. The University will contact teachers to discuss possible future arrangements

Can I choose my teacher?

All students who have successfully passed a performance audition will be asked to nominate their teacher(s) of choice. Approved Performance Teaching Fellows will have the opportunity to review the audition record of a student and are not obliged to take a student who wishes to study with them.

Can I study an instrument not listed?

In principle, yes. The University will work with students to seek out appropriate teachers. Should a qualified and approved teacher become available the university will discuss possible future arrangements.

Can I study two instruments/voice etc?

The School examines only one area per semester, as such, you will be examined on your nominated instrument / voice (genre specific). While it may be possible to invest your PDA in more than one area, it is highly recommended you focus your tuition to best prepare for your chosen performance direction.

Do I have to take 13 lessons?

No. Students can apply to utilise the PDA funding to achieve a number of educational outcomes. For students in Music Performance 1-4 students must allocate 80% of their PDA to one-to-one or group tuition with one or more teachers.  For students enrolled in Performance 5-6, Honours and Postgraduate coursework performance, the PDA funding can also be used to support attendance at a workshop, conference or summer school, to access specialised training in a piece of music software or hardware, to fund travel to a placement or internship out of Canberra, or to access individual extension in their instrument. All activity is subject to approval by the Performance Convenor.

For all enquiries contact

T (02) 6125 5700

Please contact +61 2 6125 5700 if you are unable to contact a Performance Teaching Fellow.
Register your interest in becoming a Performance Teaching Fellow

Col Bernau
Contemporary Guitar
Email Col
0411 253 256

Megan Billing portrait

Megan Billing
Classical Oboe
Email Megan

John Black Portrait

John Black
Contemporary, Jazz Piano
Email John

Carly Brown
Classical Horn
Email Carly

Trish Delaney-Brown portrait

Trish Delaney-Brown
Contemporary, Jazz Voice
Email Trish

Evan Dorrian
Contemporary, Jazz Drums
Email Evan

Eloise Fisher, clarinetist

Dr Eloise Fisher
Classical Clarinet
Email Eloise

Lyn Fuller portrait

Lyn Fuller
Classical Carillon
Email Lyn

Ms Jessica Green
Contemporary, Jazz, World Musics Guitar
Email Jessica

James Greening
Classical, Jazz Trombone
Email James

Photograph of Pianist Ji Young

Ji Young Kim
Classical Piano

Stuart King portrait

Stuart King
Contemporary, Jazz Guitar
Email Stuart

Minh Le Hoang portrait

Minh Le Hoang
Classical Guitar
Email Minh

Andrew Lorenz Portriat

Andrew Lorenz
Classical Viola, Violin
Email Andrew

Wendy Lorenz
Classical Piano
Email Wendy

James Luke portrait

Mr James Luke
Jazz Bass Guitar, Double Bass
Email James

Aron Lyon portrait

Aron Lyon
Contemporary, Jazz Guitar
Email Aron

Mr John Mackey
Jazz Saxophone
Email John

Ben Marston portrait

Ben Marston
Jazz Trumpet
Email Ben

Max McBride portrait

Mr Max McBride
Classical Double Bass
Email Max

Richard McIntyre portrait

Richard McIntyre
Classical Bassoon
Email Richard

Dan McLean portrait

Dan Mclean
Jazz Trumpet
Email Dan

Paul McMahon

Dr Paul McMahon
Classical Voice
Email Paul

Colleen Rae-Gerrard portrait

Colleen Rae-Gerrard
Classical Vocal coaching
Email Colleen

Zach Raffan portrait

Zach Raffan
Classical, Jazz Trumpet
Email Zach

Damien Slingsby portrait

Mr Damien Slingsby
Contemporary, Jazz, Other Piano, Voice
Email Damien

Mr Greg Stott
Contemporary, Jazz Guitar
Email Greg

Mark Sutton portrait

Mr Mark Sutton
Contemporary, Jazz Drums
Email Mark

Philip Swanton portrait

Philip Swanton
Classical Organ
Email Philip

Rachael Thoms

Rachael Thoms
Contemporary, Jazz Voice
Email Rachael

Lecturer in Classical Performance (Woodwind), Sally Walker

Sally Walker
Classical Flute

James Williams

James Williams
Classical Clarinet
Email James

Mr Matt Withers
Classical Guitar
Email Matt

The ANU School of Music invites expressions of interest from qualified people interested in contract teaching at undergraduate level for courses commencing February (semester 1) or July (semester 2).

As a Performance Teaching Fellow, prospective students will contact you to negotiate the terms of the teaching, including number of lessons per semester and hourly teaching rate. This is an arrangement solely between you and the student. Teachers should provide students with an invoice including terms of payment, and students will pay teachers directly. There is no contractual agreement required between Performance Teaching Fellows and ANU.

All Performance Teaching Fellows will have the opportunity to review the audition record of a student prior to confirming a willingness to teach that student. Lesson rooms/facilities within the ANU School of Music, William Herbert Place
 (off Childers Street) will be available by prior negotiation. Please contact

All approved Performance Teaching Fellows will be expected to agree to having their name, photo and biography added to the Performance Teaching Fellows List on the School's website.

If you are interested in registering to become a Performance Teaching Fellow please submit:

  1. your curriculum vitae;
  2. a 1 page covering letter stating your interest and teaching philosophy;
  3. evidence of your academic qualifications and professional experiences.
  4. your hourly fee.

Semester 1 2016 applications are to be submitted by COB Friday 22 January 2016.



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