Performance Development Allowance application


  • The value of the Performance Development Allowance (PDA) for students enrolled in MUSI1101, MUSI1102, MUSI2201, MUSI2202, MUSI3301 and MUSI3302 in Semester 1 2014 is $1,300.
  • The value of the PDA for students enrolled in MUSI4003, MUSI7001, MUSI8003 and MUSI8004 in Semester 1 2014 is $1.950.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidates are not eligible to access the PDA and should apply to use their fieldwork allocation to support any performance based activity.

Terms of use

  • Students enrolled in MUSI1101, MUSI1102, MUSI2201, MUSI2202 must adhere to the following distribution guidelines for use of their Performance Development Allowance (PDA). Students in these courses may use the PDA to support:
    • no less than 80% one-to-one or group tuition
    • no more than 20% travel
    • no more than 10% consumables (reeds, mallets, books, tuners, strings, recorders etc)
  • Students enrolled in MUSI3301, MUSI3302, MUSI4003 (Performance specialisation only), MUSI7001, MUSI8003 and MUSI8004 have no distribution restriction on their PDA but must have their application for “other” activity approved by the Performance Convenor.
  • Students will be required to complete a PDA acquittal. Students who fail to complete this process or who are deemed to have misused their allowance may be ineligible to receive the PDA in Semester 2 2014.
  • Students who record an N (0-49) for their Semester 1 2014 performance enrolment will be required to show cause to receive the PDA in Semester 2 2014.
  • Unused PDA funds cannot be carried forward (i.e. funds from semester 1 cannot be carried forward to semester 2)


Payment requests will be sent to CASS on the following days in Semester 1:

  • Monday 3 March 2014
  • Monday 17 March 2014

Students are requested to submit only one application.

  • Applications received on or prior to Friday 28 February will be included in the 3 March run.
  • Applications received between Monday 3 March and Friday 14 March will be included in the 17 March run.

Students who submit their application after 14 March may not be eligible to receive their PDA. Please contact Harriet Torrens (contact information listed below) to advise if you will miss this deadline.

Students must log into ISIS and confirm/update their bank details. Students who fail to do this will not be able to receive their payment.

Check and update your bank details

Students are reminded that once your PDA Activity Application is approved, your PDA allowance will be transferred into your nominated bank account. To avoid the frustration of delayed payments students are asked to check that their bank account details are current in ISIS. Please use the following process to check your details:

  1. Visit
  2. Log into the ISIS system using your University ID and password
  3. Select the Account Details tab and then Bank Details. You will need to provide your BSB, Account Number and Account Name to complete this process.

Please note: University policy prevents Finance Services from updating student details on a student’s behalf.

Please direct all enquiries about the updating your account details on ISIS to Alice Macdonald (Educational Administrator)

T 6125 5732


Please contact Paul McMahon (Performance Convenor) for advice about finding a suitable teacher or utilising your PDA.

T 6125 5770

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